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As the Shrine year slowly winds down I want to thank you for allowing me to be President of this Great Shrine Club.

In the last couple of weeks we have had our Official Visit for Our Potentate Illustrious Sir Craig Stimpert and his lady Paula. From the comments that I heard everyone had a wonderful time. Harrington’s Corned Beef continues to be a favorite. We had approximately 80 people in attendance. Thank You for attending.

We also recently had the fall Ceremonial; Medinah welcomed 5 plus 20 new nobles into our fraternity. I had the honor of presenting a check to our Potentate from the Memorial Fund of our Club. Thank you all again for the support, and for coming out the Ceremonial to represent the NW / Glenbrook Shrine Club. If you didn’t stay for the cold sands portion, you missed some great entertainment put on by Tripoli Shriners.

So what is next:
The Octoberfest Dinner at the Chicago Brauhaus was well attended and we had a great time. If you missed please plan on coming to our next event all are welcome.
At our monthly meeting in October at Edelweiss we were able to watch the Chicago Cubs in the World Series after the meeting. A great treat watching the Cubs in October!
Sunday December 4th at twelve noon is our Christmas Party at the Jolly Inn on Irving Park Road, please let Wayne Gundlach know your plans at 773-655-0225 by December 2nd.

This will bring us to the Christmas season and a short break from the Business of our Shrine Club. It also means a change in leadership of the Northwest / Glenbrook Shrine Club. Keith Koopman will take over as the President on January 21 at Medinah’s Mass Installation of Shrine Club officers. This event is open to Medinah Members and their Ladies and only costs $15.00 per person. Please consider coming to this event to show our support for Keith!

I want to Thank each and every one of you for your support of this Club, without you this Club could not exist. You are a great group on Nobles!!




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